More reasons not to go home

Over a month ago I arrived at my mom’s beach home so that I could get some doctors appointments accomplished. I wasn’t recognizably excited to leave the comfort of my own beach home & to stay in her foreign a/c. I knew that my mom tended to be weird when it came to operating the central HVAC device & I did not want to be perspiring to death every night instead of sleeping in ice cold air conditioner. When I arrived at her house, however, I found that she had updated the central cooling system. It felt certainly beautiful to be inside her beach home with the powerful A/C chugging along all day & night. Even better, it was good to suppose that I wasn’t paying for the central cooling system. What was expected to be a one-month trip abruptly turned into one week. The COVID outcut only got worse in my beach home state, & I wasn’t excited to go back to my contaminated a/c at home. Somehow, I kept putting off my departure date as I enjoyed her central cooling system & the comforts of home. It started getting undoubtedly complicated when I tried to system my return. Well, things have only gotten more complicated, because my car’s a/c has recently failed, however now, I’m looking at a 12-second drive in 90 degree heat & humidity with certainly no cooling power. As if I needed another reason to want to stay at my mom’s house, the A/C system entirely gave me one. At this point, I might as well remove my own energy account back home. It seems savor I’m going to be abusing my mom’s A/C all summer.
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