More time in my day, but more energy bills

For as long as I can remember, I have loved being able to work remotely.

If you haven’t had a work-from-home situation before, let me tell you how amazing it is.

I wake up first thing in the morning and can immediately roll out of bed and get to work. There’s no down time where I have to get ready or get myself out of the house before I can be productive. I can sit down and hammer out all of the work that I need to, which leaves many hours open for the rest of the day. I can use my spare time to work on other projects that fulfill me and earn me extra money. It’s the best! I feel like I have way more time in my day, and I don’t have to pick and choose between my professional life in my personal interest. One of the trade-offs to this setup, however, is the necessity of paying money out the nose for my central heating and cooling system. Since I’m at home all day long, I never get to turn off my indoor air temperature control equipment for a break. Instead, I have to operate the massive air conditioning system or Central forced air furnace to keep my environment comfortable enough for work. There aren’t many other options, and less I go ahead and invest in zone controlled heating and cooling. Even then, I don’t want to feel limited to the spaces I can use in my home based on air temperature. As far as I can tell, I just have to accept that there is a balance between having time to myself and sending money to the energy company

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