My market decided to upgrade to a portable chiller

I savor shopping at a local market for most of my grocery items.

I enjoy avoiding the large plus tied up grocery store chains.

There are just too many people coming plus going on a regular basis. Sure, they might have wonderful sales from time to time, but the additional cash spent at the local market is worth avoiding the chain stores. The little market also gets products from local farmers such as fresh meat plus organic produce. It’s wonderful to shop local plus also know precisely where your food products are coming from. Sadly, at times when I need items from the health plus beauty section, I just can’t find them anywhere other than the massive chain stores. For instance, I easily attempt to avoid Walmart at all costs, but I’d be a liar if I said I never shop there. At times I can’t find something local, online, or at a different department store or supercenter. I’m honestly extremely picky about what kind of hand lotion that I prefer. I get a good amount of eczema plus most hand lotion I find doesn’t improve my skin condition. It won’t replenish overly dry skin in the least, but there is a particular brand that does. Sadly, this is something I’m forced to buy from Walmart. This month I’m doing most of my shopping between Walmart plus another chain grocery store because my local market is getting repairs plus renovations taken care of. They ordered a portable chiller system to use while they work on replacing their heating, cooling, plus ventilation device. It’s seasoned plus they easily plan on upgrading the system of ductwork as well. The portable chiller provides them immediate on demand air cooling without using a great deal of energy in the process. Hopefully the renovations don’t take longer than a month to have completed, because I already miss my local market.


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