My new Smart Thermostat needs a new battery?

I expected them to offer to check on the thermostat

When I had my HVAC upgraded, I was given a really nice offer to go with it. Our HVAC company was offering a new Smart Thermostat with every new HVAC system. I did my research about which HVAC system I wanted. I didn’t want to go through all the trouble of listening to the HVAC tech as he tried to convince us to buy the most expensive HVAC system they had in stock. I also gave a lot of thought about which Smart Thermostat I wanted. I finally called the local HVAC company and asked them to come to the house. I told them exactly what I wanted in HVAC, and which Smart Thermostat I wanted installed. I was told that I had to accept the Smart Thermostat they were offering. I could only switch models if I was willing to pay for it. I took the cheap Smart Thermostat they offered and I was immediately sorry. We only had the thermostat for a week when the low battery light started blinking. I thought the HVAC company would have special batteries for the thermostat so I gave them a call. I was surprised when they told me I needed regular batteries. I changed the battery and I still had the red light flashing. I called the HVAC company again. They said they didn’t know what was wrong. I expected them to offer to check on the thermostat. I had to ask them to check it for me. I was asked if my HVAC system was working properly. I told them it was and they told me they would come out when they had the time.



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