My wife was set on buying the table

My wife and I took a long trip across the sea to finally view some of the aged ruins in a particular location. It was the first time that my wife even stepped foot in a jetliner and it was the longest flight that I have experienced too! My wife and I saw all kinds of different foreign cities during the 14 days that we were in a different country. While we were visiting Tuscany, my wife found a rather elegant aged oak table that she wanted to buy right away. I told my wife that it would be impossible to take the oak table back to our residence. She still wanted the oak table, so I asked the owner of the shop if it could be shipped back to our residence… The owner told me that was not a giant problem and it was basically something that a huge amount of tourists do entirely frequently. My wife was especially happy when she heard the news. I wasn’t even that happy when I came to learn that it was going to cost about $300 to send the oak table to our address. I pleaded with my wife to reconsider the purchase, however she did not think that she would find the same oak table anywhere else at all. The intricately-designed custom oak table arrived a few days after my wife and I got back from our little adventure. I have to tell you that the Tuscan oak table looks spectacular in our dining room. It honestly matches the chairs that we already had in our lake residence and it seems sort of like the custom oak table was built just for our place.
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