New HVAC Technology And What To Buy

I happen to be the owner of a really nice little beach house in a cute little ocean-side town that is small and not too busy in the summer. I lived there for seven years after I got divorced, but after that, I had to move my main residence closer to the place I work. It became too time consuming, the commute. So, I began renting out that little beach house. Still, I am hoping, one day in the not too distant future, to retire there. But that is for later. For now the property manager just told me I need a more current cooling and heating ASAP. In that town, most  have central heating plus cooling, and my place is no exception. But it is no longer up the task in winter and summer, I have some Heating and Air Conditioning decisions to make. Now, I can simply upgrade what I have with the same type of thing, only newer, or alternatively I might look into some of the newer Heating and Air Conditioning technology that has come around of late. I am totally going to be considering as much as I can because there are lots of Heating and Air Conditioning advances available and I want to do my due diligence. I am looking at a smart thermostat control component for example. Smart control units will actually learn your habits and run your cooling system plus furnace based on your own wants and needs. I am also thinking about looking Heating and Air Conditioning with zone control; Heating and Air Conditioning with zone control allows one to use the cooling system only in the rooms that are being occupied. And there is can Heating and Air Conditioning zone control with or without cooling system sensors. There are a lot of options and choices and things to learn, but I am going to make the best decision for my home.