No A/C at my old job

About two or three years ago, I bought the restaurant for which I had been the sous chef for various years.

The owner retired plus asked me if I wanted to buy him out. I assumed it was a golden opportunity, so I took him up on his offer. You have to understand this however, this is an seasoned restaurant that needed a lot of variations. I was aware of this when I bought the business, even though I didn’t realize just how many tricky variations needed to be made. One of the more surprising variations I had to make was when I ended up completely replacing the seasoned HVAC system. I was losing clients in the Winter season because the oil furnace had stopped working. The restaurant has a fireplace plus various section gas furnaces but that will only get you so far! I called up the HVAC provider to see what the problem was plus the HVAC provider sent out an HVAC worker to try and find the problem. He wasn’t too far into servicing the oil furnace before the HVAC worker told me I would have to replace the whole oil furnace and, while I was at it, it would be smart to replace the too because apparently that seasoned thing was not going to be around much longer. The HVAC worker told me that he would give me a discount by replacing both the A/C and oil furnace with his HVAC business, so I agreed. I feel blessed to report that the company is booming again plus the HVAC system works great. Sadly, replacing that HVAC system set me back quite a bit when in terms of redecorating this location!

New heating units