Now I actually get why I had such awful air quality

I have never had the most wonderful air quality, I will divulge that.

I guess it is because of the filters I utilize.

They honestly are not great, however they are cheap and they get the task done okay. The air quality does not affect me much, so I am able to live perfectly fine like this. However, even I observed my air was a whole lot worse than usual. I started having minor troubles, which was not very common for me, because I never have any symptoms from terrible air… People started refusing to come over to my dwelling because of how terrible and how suffocating the air quality became. I went to my a/c appliance and leaned down and tried to figure out what was the setback. I then thought about the A/C appliance filter and realized that I hadn’t changed it for approximately 6 months. I pulled it out and it was entirely noasty, so this is where all of my troubles were coming from. I was out of my typical a/c filters, so I had to buy a slightly higher quality one. Once I upgraded it, it took a good amount of time however eventually my dwelling was feeling better. I guess I might have to get an air purification system to have improved air quality, because it’s now getting to the point of people not having the desire to come over to my locale, because they don’t prefer the way it feels. The air does not affect me especially much, even though I don’t love the thought of people refusing to come over because of how my dwelling feels. If I made the choice to get an air purification system, then it would be a future investment.


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