Play it cool

As a junior reporter for a local news station I have found myself in some pretty sketchy situations.

Recently there have been many city board meetings over the heated fights regarding rezoning.

They neighborhood that is being considered is run down and the city wants to take possession of any properties that are abandoned or behind in taxes for more than many years. Unfortunately, this includes properties that are still occupied by families that simply can’t afford the taxes due to living below the poverty level. Many other residents are fighting to supply them a opportunity to make nice on the debts through low cost payments instead of losing their homes. At any rate, these meetings can be long and loud, not to mention the hall where they are being held has a less than adequate Heating and Air Conditioning plan and it becomes hot and stuffy when filled with so many people. The press is all huddled into one corner of the room and all of us kneel there sweaty and uncomfortable trying to get our scoop on the story. Of course there are deadlines that need to be met and all of us all want to get the story on the next airing of the local news. Getting interviews with people and officials takes time and I need to try and keep my cool while waiting. No one wants to talk to a reporter that is standing there looking all sweaty while in the interview. My job can be tough at times and I suppose that one day I will be the one behind the news desk instead of the one tracking down the latest headline grabbing story.

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