Saving up as quickly as we can

Being an adult sure isn’t an easy task.

These days, every one of us are all running around, chasing our tails in an attempt to get everything done.

This often means that our lives are being pulled in numerous directions all at once. It is dizzying. I think it can certainly be overwhelming for me to deal with each day. I can be great with myself if I can just get our kids fed and transported to where they need to be. All this technology available these days that was supposed to make our lives easier seems, somehow to have just allowed us to try to do too much each day for one human. My daily limits are being reached, that’s for sure. Our situation is demonstrated nicely with the HVAC. Our heating and cooling unit is truly sliding down a slippery slope of its productivity. But, the facts are that every one of us still absolutely need a few more years to save for a new one and installation. So, I have endeavored to do all I can to maintain some heating efficiency while trying to keep this thing going a few more years. I first started by making the structure of our lake lake house a whole lot tighter, above all. It took about a weekend of puttering around. However, I finally sealed every single gap, hole, crack or seam on the sagging exterior and interior of the house. I even made sure the attic was fully sealed off and I added some insulation for great measure. Keeping the expensive HVAC treated air inside the lake house is a great way to reduce the energy bills and the load on the heating and cooling equipment. I also had all the air ducts resealed and I hung heavy solar drapes. Finally, I started programming the temperature control to manage the HVAC system far more stringently while in the peak heating hours.

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