She was scared of the a/c

I found a kitten under my grill in the backyard.

I guess the cat was abandoned.

So I decided to adopt her in addition to give her the best life I could. Within a day, the kitten was already getting comfortable with her new life. She had toys, nice food, a soft bed, in addition to lots of love. The only thing that really scared the kitten was the central air conditioning. When the AC comes on, she leaps up high into the air. When the air conditioner turns off, she is playful in addition to happy. I noticed this fear by accident. I am used to the central AC clicking off in addition to on throughout the day. The noise is loud, but after time you will get used to it. We have had the kitten for a few nights and I know she is already starting to adjust to the loud AC. Today when the central AC kicked on, she didn’t jump around or scurry under the bed like she had done in the past. In fact, she didn’t even move when the central AC came on this time. I have had cats in the past, but never one so young and small. She is so tiny that I worry she will fall through the cracks in the couch. She has only been in my apartment for a week and she has already adjusted to my central air conditioning. I am just so darn proud of her. I am worried that we might be experiencing new problems in the winter with my gas furnace. We shall see though.


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