Sledding and the heating

Back when I was young and growing up, we all used to love going sledding in the winter time months of the year.

There used to be this very hilly baseball field about a mile or so away from our house and we all used to go up there sledding up and down the large hills that entered the field.

There would be tons of snow on the ground and it was just awesome. Nothing can replace those times. One other really great memory to go with this was coming home and sitting in front of the radiator to warm up with the good old gas furnace. The gas furnace I had in my home growing up was to die for. It would really provide the best whole home heating possible at that time. Most gas furnaces in other homes were average to put it best. But in our home, we had the best top of the line and most powerful gas furnace available on the market in that day. There is something about the heating from a gas furnace verses that of a central heating and air conditioning system. The central heating that comes out of a central heating and air conditioning system is good of course if you have an up to date HVAC unit and reliable thermostat. However, the old gas furnaces from the 1970’s and 1980’s would never even measure up to today’s central heating in my humble opinion. I sure wish I could go back in time and experience that gas furnace once again!

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