So you had a bad day?.

I assume he thinks it is just the baby talking again, even though I am serious

Men have no idea what it feels like to be pregnant. I assume a guy should have to spend just 1 single month with a heavy belly plus the back pain that goes with being significantly pregnant. I also assume they should have to go through this when the regular outside temp is in the nineties plus the air conditioning is on the blink out of nowhere. I get these fake soothing answers to our complaints each day. He tells myself and others he understands plus that I will soon have the big old baby. He doesn’t realize that everyday feels more like a month when it really comes to resting around without the air conditioning system. I have gained almost fifty pounds plus I still have more than four or 6 weeks. I told him he needed to put himself into our shoes plus try to understand plus not just provide myself and others fake sympathy. He helped at that point to get myself and others into this condition plus he needed to help everyone through it. He kissed our forehead plus gently smiled as he walked away. I assume he thinks it is just the baby talking again, even though I am serious. I assume about the things I want to say. Now, I swear I just tend to get so frustrated with the pregnancy that I blurt out what I am honestly thinking. I told him that he is able to repair everyone else’s stupid Heating, Ventilation & A/C system plus he should seriously consider fixing our Heating, Ventilation & A/C system.


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