Social Media is Easy Advertising for my Heating and Cooling Company

When my husband was young, the most important thing to him was to work for himself and instead of someone else.

  • I have noticed that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in a lot of today’s young people, as well, but back in those days, I did not know anyone who owned their own businesses.

It was a given that if you had your own HVAC company or plumbing business or restaurant, one of your biggest expenses would be advertising. Now known as marketing, advertising was expensive, and when my husband learned HVAC repair and HVAC installation and opened his own heating and cooling business, advertising was the third largest expense. Behind only salaries and the costs of the building, advertising his HVAC business, was important but costly. Even so, we made do. His HVAC company had no other options, really, except to hire an advertising agency – think Darren Stevens – to try to get more heating and cooling customers. Nowadays, though, our HVAC company has in-house marketing people, and the vast majority of our marketing efforts are free of low-cost. If you search online for air conditioning, heating, a/c repair, or any other number of related keywords, you will soon see our HVAC company’s ads popping up in your social media feed. You will also see our heating and cooling ads showing up on the sides where all the other ads are. Social media marketing is a skill, don’t get me wrong, but it is much less expensive than advertising used to be, and it helped our HVAC business grow and prosper.

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