Suddenly, he cares about the fan

My boyfriend is such a funny guy.

When you first meet him, he seems extremely tough and distant, but underneath it all he’s a big softie.

He acts like he doesn’t care about anything, but he is one of the most compassionate humans I’ve met. He also pretends like he’s unaffected by everything around him, but the truth is that he’s pretty sensitive. It doesn’t take much for him to get salty. That’s why I’ve been careful not to tease him too much about a recent ventilation obstacle that we overcame together. Since we started seeing each other, I noticed two that his room was pretty hot and humid at night. He said that he only had one air vent in the entire room, so it made sense that there was an excellent ventilation. However, it barely felt like the cooling system was running at all. Even when the rest of the apartment was ice cold, his bedroom was strangely hot and stagnant inside. I always wondered why there wasn’t more of a breeze, because we had a standing fan blasting us from the corner. Even though the fan made a large amount of noise, it didn’t create much of a difference in the air quality. In fact, I couldn’t even tell that the air was moving around the large fan. I finally asked why the fan was so ineffective, and he got very serious. My boyfriend sadly told me that the fan was too clogged with dust and debris to be functional. I didn’t mean to laugh, but a chuckle escaped. That’s so gross, I exclaimed. It’s been two weeks now, and he still refuses to speak to me since I hurt his feelings about the dirty fan.
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