Switching from running the furnace to operating the air conditioner

Now, I’m just hoping the summer weather cools off and allows us to enjoy a pleasant fall

This past spring, it seemed as if the weather would never warm up. We endured a particularly long, cold and awful winter. The temperature was frequently down to ten below zero with vicious wind chill and endless amounts of snow. I started up the furnace in early September was was still running it at the end of April. I was extremely tired of paying huge heating bills and keeping the windows shut tight. No matter how much I dusted, scrubbed and vacuumed, the house felt overly dry and musty. I was really looking forward to shutting down the furnace, welcoming in a fresh breeze and getting outside. Unfortunately the outside temperature was still below freezing on Mother’s Day. The tulips and daffodils were budded and yet there was snow on the ground. When the weather finally changed for the better, the transition happened very quickly. We went from thirty degrees one day to the high seventies the next day. There was little opportunity to enjoy mild temperatures before it was necessary to shut the windows and start the air conditioning. There was hardly any relief from paying high utility bills. I was suddenly in a hurry to have the air conditioner serviced. I think everyone was caught unawares because all of the local HVAC companies were completely booked. Now, I’m just hoping the summer weather cools off and allows us to enjoy a pleasant fall. I won’t make the mistake of neglecting the professional upkeep of the furnace. I’ve already set up an appointment for the beginning of August. With our crazy weather, I’ve realized that it’s best to be prepared for anything.


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