The hotel had a nice fitness center, but the AC didn't work well

I think that physical fitness is important and I try to exercise and eat well every day.

I don’t need a lot of carbs, candy, and sugar and my diet mainly consists of vegetables and soy protein.

Every once in a while I will eat a piece of chicken or fish, but I pride myself on a diet that is mostly vegetarian. I go to the gym every single morning to exercise, even when I am tired or busy. Some days I work on my legs and some days I spend the whole two hours lifting weights with my arms. Even when I go out of town, I always go to a fitness center to work out for a couple of hours in the morning. I was really surprised by that nice fitness center in the last hotel where I stayed. It had state-of-the-art workout equipment and the room was very large. The fitness center even had separate showers just in case you didn’t want to return to the room to get dressed after a workout. The accommodations were truly impressive for a small midwestern hotel. The hotel would have received five stars in my opinion if the AC in the fitness center worked well. Unfortunately, the AC didn’t work well and the fitness center smelled like body odor. It was incredibly hard to work out and I found myself getting sick on several different occasions. Thank goodness no one else was working out at that time, because I probably would have left. I really wish that place would have had better indoor air quality.

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