The man in the moon is in our bedroom.

My radiant heating was doing exactly what it was supposed to do

I love leaving our curtains open at night. There is something soothing about seeing the moon shining in through the windows at night. I love being awakened with the sunshine warming our room & waking up with the sunshine on our face. A couple weeks ago, I thought I was being awakened by the man on the moon in our bedroom. I knew it was a full moon outside, & the light was bright. It was really shining so brightly that I couldn’t get to sleep. I laid there wide awake, listening to the silence until it wasn’t silent anymore. I was start to think that the man in the moon had walked into our bedroom. There was some really odd noise coming from our flooring. I kept wondering if I had mice, or worse. I was start to wonder if there were goblins in our house, & scampering across the floors. I didn’t give any thought to the heating possibly turning on. I didn’t realize it had become so cold in the house. I had radiant heating & the heat pipes were under the floor. I crept out of bed to go to the bathroom & I felt the heat on the floor. I realized that the noises I was hearing were coming from our flooring. My radiant heating was doing exactly what it was supposed to do. I was happy when our feet hit the floor & I felt the heat. I was able to go back to bed & relax knowing the man on the moon was still where he belonged, & not creeping around in our bedroom.


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