The nest of critters was the source of the smell

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I started to notice a strange odor in our bedroom. At first, we thought that one of the dogs went to the bathroom in the bedroom. We moved all of the furniture and looked everywhere. We could not find the source of the smell no matter how hard we looked. My wife washed everything in the closet and all of the wedding but the smell still remained in the room. Both of us were starting to get frustrated with the situation. I started looking online for answers and I found a message board where other people were having a similar problem when a rodent died in the ductwork above their measure. I felt horrified, but I was determined to find out if we were dealing with the same type of ductwork issue. I grabbed a flashlight and a long selfie stick. I tried to snap some pictures in the ductwork. I actually ended up with a couple of pretty good pictures. I didn’t see any critters, but I saw plenty of signs that there might be animals in the ductwork. I decided that the best course of action was to call an HVAC company that specializes in ductwork issues. They were happy to help with my problem. The HVAC specialist used a mix of tools to search through the ductwork for the source of the smell. When they found a lot of critters, it became clear that the smell was no laughing matter. We had a much bigger issue than we thought.


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