These wildfires are absolutely destroying the air quality

As numerous people know right now, there are a lot of brutal wildfires going on in the west coast.

It is pretty uneasy that several people have lost their properties and some have even passed away as a result.

I live in the Southwest, and because I am only about 8 hours driving distance away, these wildfires have been affecting the color of the sky and the air quality over here. It is legitimately horrible! The only thing that is helping me get through this is my whole home air purifier. I had got a whole house air purification system a few years ago to help with my pollen irritations due to the already poor air quality in the section in which I live. However, by adding this wildfire complication coming from the west coast on top of it, it is making things several times worse than the usual. Luckily, my whole house air purification system has been able to handle it in terms of my indoor air quality levels. When I venture outside though, it is legitimately horrible, and my eyes start watering and are somewhat burning. I start sneezing and experience all other kinds of allergy symptoms… So for a little while, I am trying to just stay indoors with my whole home air purifier. The whole house air purification system is a serious relief to all of this. I am seriously hoping these fires stop sooner than later! Not only am I sick of looking at hazy skies with a huge amount of heat, but I am also tired of having to hide inside all the time with my whole home air purifier!

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