Turns out, our dogs are siblings

Occasionally life throws you the strangest coincidences just when you need them; Several years ago I was entirely devastated when I lost our number one dog on the planet.

He had been our only friend for over a year and I was lost when he left our life, in his honor, I didn’t want to adopt another dog until I had correctly mourned him.

I am cheerful to tell you now that I finally went out and adopted a new puppy. He had been rescued from an abandoned barn in the middle of winter. He and his siblings were all cold cold; They surely would have perished if they weren’t rescued and brought into indoor heating at that truly moment. Thank God for the rescue group that took all of these puppies in and placed them under heat lamps to keep them alive; When I got our little friend I wished that I could take more puppies from the litter, however I could barely afford our utility expenses as it was. Well, our utility bills only continued to increase over time as our outdated air conditioning proposal came into use. I had to switch over to using the cooling proposal as the Springtime progressed, and that’s when I realized that our indoor air could use some improvement. I called out a local heating and cooling the shop and suggested a routine diagnostic repair and repair. When the heating and cooling supplier arrived at our home, I thought it was weird that he kept looking at our dog. He seemed a bit obsessed with our animal instead of our AC… Eventually, he stopped what he was doing and started asking me questions about where our pooch came from. That’s when every one of us realized, every one of us had adopted dogs from the same litter of cold cold puppies.
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