Waking Up to Hot House

One of the biggest worries a lot of homeowners have involves heating and cooling.

When you go to buy a house in this area, one for the first things you want the home inspector to look at is the HVAC system. Every homeowner knows that with the exception of the mortgage itself, heating and cooling is likely to be the biggest expense of owning your home. One thing every home buyer fears is buying a house with an HVAC system that is on its last legs. One thing that no one wants to xperience is going to bed at night with everything being fine and waking up in the morning with a hot house because the a/c stopped working sometime during the night. Well, that is just what happened to me one day recently. I got up in the morning and felt so hot that I thought I was having hot flashes. When I saw that my dog’s tongue was almost touching the ground, I knew for sure there was something wrong with the air conditioner. I went to the hallway and checked the thermostat to make sure it was still on and to see what temperature the thermostat was reading. It turned out to be 84 degrees, which is just miserable. Air conditioners here in the southeast also have built in dehumidifiers because living here is like living in the clouds, so when your a/c doesn’t work, not only is it hot, but it is so humid as well. It is unbearable, so the first thing I did was call the HVAC company. There is a magnet on the a/c unit that has the name of the a/c repair company on it, so I didn’t have to remember the HVAC company name or find its phone number.

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