Was able to learn why sporting places use chillers

It takes a pretty good amount of energy to run a sports location. You can fit enough buyers & employees inside to fill a pretty massive neighborhood or a small town to be honest. Even before you build the enormous structure, you have to apply for licenses & permits from the town & county where it’s going to be located. I suppose that our football location was on hold for a bunch of years while county commissioners debated zoning ordinances & a number of other bureaucratic hoops. A bunch of people here were really happy about the new location, & not for the reasons that most would imagine. I could deliver a rat’s behind about football & other competitive sports if I’m being honest, but I suppose those locations bring a number of jobs for people when they open. You need people in the administrative offices, others in the box office printing & selling tickets, & a reasonable amount of staff members for food & beverage stands. There has to be a really good team of security officers, & a sizable team of janitors & service workers to cover everything else. This is why these buildings basically feel like you are walking around in a tiny town whenever it’s easily filled with people. I was able to learn fairly recently that their heating & cooling machines are absurdly sizable. For heat they use a system of multiple industrial sized steam boilers. To keep the arena easily cool, they have a good amount of industrial chillers throughout the complex. The chiller machines are honestly capable of cooling at a much higher rate compared to sizable A/C machines. When you’re dealing with a building that houses enough people to fill a village, traditional Heating & Air Conditioning is truly no longer an option.

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