We all help around here

It truly bothers me and even scares me significantly that our social temperature is getting so much worse.

  • After decades of progress, every one of us are right back here, sitting with a whole lot of hate and divisiveness.

Each morning, I swear see the worst of us on display on the news. All the anger and animosity every one of us show each other is truly starting to suck the life out and drain the humanity out of me. However, that would be just the worst thing I feel like could do. During times love these, compassion and caring are even more important to me. Luckily, the little neighborhood I live in is a beautiful sanctuary from all the angst. Our little community around here truly embraces taking care of each other. In fact, there was an uplifting example of that behavior here recently. The dearest lady living in our neighborhood had here HVAC go out. But, none of us knew it because she is a genuinely proud person who finds it taxing to ask for help. The Summer heat truly came on fast. I went over to her lake house to mow her lawn. The entire time I spent working on the lawn, the HVAC never kicked on. This was unusual to me, as it was well over 90 degrees outside. Finally, I knocked on her front door and she told me that she hasn’t had HVAC for months. I was aghast at the situation. A buddy of mine called his brother who owns an HVAC dealer. With all the neighbors chipping in what they could, she had amazing cooling within a week. That’s the world I want to live in.


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