We don’t need to worry about a heating system.

When you live in the south, saying our summers are hot, is just a bit of an understatement.

From May until October, we have the air conditioning system running.

If I’m honest with you, my air conditioning is running most of the year. Although I may not enjoy this extreme heat, I also don’t want to be in the wintery cold either. I guess you can suffice it to say that I don’t plan on moving from my location. I need to make sure I have my air conditioning unit cleaned and the maintenance completed, twice a year. There is no way I would want to be left without air conditioning during one of our month long heat waves. I have family up north and I often worry about them during winter. I have had occasions where I was swimming in my pool, when they are experiencing below zero temps and blizzard conditions. I wonder if their furnaces are running properly and if they have enough fuel. I don’t have any kind of heating system in my house. If we have a colder night, I may be tempted to purchase a space heater. The thing is, that it is only cold at night. During the day, the temps go back up into the upper sixties or seventies. I don’t understand why anyone would need a furnace for those kinds of temperatures. I can’t imagine my ever wanting to purchase a furnace for my house. I may buy a nice space heater in case the temps would get a bit cold, but who knows.