We went hiking up a trail

During summer break, my friends and I decided to go hiking in the mountains.

  • A few of my buddies were still at the school, as well as I was spending the summer at home.

Both of us decided to meet in a location halfway between my new home and the school, and my friends as well as I were supposed to meet at 9 in the afternoon on Saturday, but they still had not arrived by dinnertime. I called Jay’s cell phone many times, but it went to voicemail. I did not bother trying to call Justin, because he never answers his iPhone. It’s typically on silent as well as half of the time it’s in the glove box, when the guys finally arrived, they told me about their excruciating drive that afternoon. Everything was superb when they left the campus, but the A/C stopped working about halfway there. Since it was hot outside, the guys were worried about the car overheating. They stopped at a car dealership to have someone look at the AC. The auto dealership mechanic tried to get them to spend $1,000 to service the AC. When my friend refused to pay the bill, the woman tried to charge him $200 for the evaluation. The whole time they were in the car dealership, their phones were laying in the front seat of the vehicle. Both of us spent most of the afternoon discussing the terrible service that my friends gained from the car dealership, but both of us still managed to complete our hike before the sun set. The view from the top of the trail was really amazing as well as it was worth waiting for my friends to arrive.

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