Windstorm trips fuse in A/C

We had a bad windstorm last night.

It just came out of nowhere.

The wind was so strong that the power went out for several minutes. In fact, the power flickered on and off almost all night. Then, this morning, I noticed that our air condition was not working. I woke up throughout the night with the wind. I remember noticing that it was warm in the house but I thought it was just warm because wind was getting through our window panes. Our windows are sealed properly so I didn’t think much of it. But this morning, the wind is gone but the house is still very warm. I tried messing with the thermostat but the air conditioner would not turn on at all. Finally, I decided to call up an HVAC company and pray that it would not be a super expensive repair. It took all day before the HVAC technicians could arrive. When they did, I was willing to pay just about anything to have air conditioning again. It was getting very hot and uncomfortable in the house with no air conditioning. Thankfully it turned out to be a very quick and inexpensive repair. Apparently all that flickering electricity had caused a fuse to be blown in my HVAC system. So they replaced the fuse and now my air conditioner is working great again. I just hope we don’t have a freak windstorm again tonight. I would really like to get a good night’s sleep. Besides, I really should go to work tomorrow so I can pay the repair bills.


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