My best friend loves to go camping. Ever since he was a little boy, they went camping all summer long and right up until it was beginning to snow. His dad told him that he wanted to go hunting this year and he thought it would be cool to take the camper out to State Game Lands and to stay there for the week. He wanted to make sure he had some good heating for the camper and especially when they were up in their hunting stands. He was so excited to try out the portable heater that he asked me to go camping with him on the weekend. I wasn’t all that thrilled about camping out on the beach when it was only going to be fifty degrees. Night time on the beach was always windy and it was going to feel like it was a lot colder than fifty degrees. Even though I had some big reservations, I decided to go camping with him. We had a fire built for heat, but he told me he would shut down the fire before we went to bed. If I had known we were going to be in a tent, I would not have gone camping with him. When the fire went out, I was already shivering. That is when my friend pulled out the portable heater he had brought along. He got the heater running and I was surprised at how warm it became inside the tent. We were actually really warm and comfortable inside as long as the heater was running. The nice part was that he told me the heater was charged by sunlight. If it was fully charged, the portable heater would throw off heat for up to twelve hours.

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