50% Of Repairs Could Be Avoided

When I signed up for our first HVAC tune up with the local HVAC dealer, I wrote down our text address on the order form.

  • After our first HVAC tune up, I received an text from the HVAC corporation with a newsletter from the dealer.

I’d never received a newsletter from an HVAC corporation before, so I clicked on it to see what it was all about. I was impressed with the HVAC newsletter, because it included facts and information about all kinds of furnace and a/c related concerns. Last week, the HVAC corporation included a statistic in their newsletter that said 50% of HVAC related concerns could be avoided if the HVAC plan were inspected at least twice per year. I thought this was interesting and I wanted to know more about the statistics. According to the article they’d written, the HVAC corporation had pulled the information from all their HVAC servicing maintenance calls during the past year. I couldn’t guess that 50% of all their repairs could’ve been avoided if a homeowner had simply booked a maintenance appointment. 50% seemed like a high number, and there’s no telling how much money people were spending on actual repairs. I didn’t take this information lightly. Instead, I called the HVAC corporation and tied up another appointment to have our HVAC plan inspected by one of their professionals in 6 months. The appointment time was far out, however I didn’t want to neglect it while I was feeling so motivated and inspired by their newsletter.

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