A friendly HVAC technician with some great advice

When I first moved out on my own there was a lot that I did not know. My parents had the absolute best to show me everything that I wouldn’t need to know when it came to living on my own, however there are some things that I was just going to have to learn through experience. One of these things was how to properly take care of your heating AC system. I was not aware of it until it happened but apparently you are supposed to change your air filters, I felt so embarrassed when I had made an appointment with the local heat and air conditioning business because I thought my air conditioning unit wasn’t working. I found out when the HVAC technician arrived that my AC was working perfectly fine, he informed me that I needed to change my air filter. It was at this point that I came clean and admitted to the heating and AC professional that I did not know how I was supposed to take care of my HVAC unit, how often should I have heating and AC tune-ups, and were they that important? Was an older guy kind of reminded me of my dad and he gave me some really good advice about how to take proper care of my heating and AC system. He gave me all the information I need to know about how I should have my tune-ups done, how to change the air filter in a different types of air filters there are available, it was a lot of information however I took notes and wrote all the way down and I came out of the situation no longer feeling embarrassed that I had made such a silly mistake with my heat and AC system, but it feeling more confident that I had the knowledge I needed to take proper care of my heating and cooling unit.
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