A great weekend at the cabin

See if you can follow me on this, I know it’s a bit complicated. You see, when I tell you that I took my girlfriend to a rented cabin on the lake for a weekend, you might think that it was my cabin, or that I was a man of wealth. This is not true at all! I really lucked into this, because I won’t be able to afford a nice vacation spot like this for years, maybe decades! It’s so picturesque, perched overlooking a vast blue lake teeming with fish and birds. It had been empty for some months because the entire HVAC system was faulty and needed to be replaced. As a combination of business and pleasure, I took my girlfriend with me to spend a few days fixing the old HVAC system, as well as enjoying the countryside! I was rather lucky, I suppose, because I knew if it was a major issue we would have to spend the weekend with no AC at all, so I was hoping for a miracle. As it happened, the fix was pretty quick, and while my girlfriend was sitting beside the lake I spent three hours completely tearing apart and rebuilding the air conditioner. By the time the sun went down that first night, the climate control system was working 100% and so the rest of the weekend was devoted to having fun. When I got back to work I told my boss that the A/C issue has been incredibly complicated and had taken all three days, so I got paid for the weekend too!



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