A sad mother and a broken down heat pump is not a good thing

Maggie was close to a mental breakdown.

If she ever doubted that there was such a thing as sensory overload, life with a youngster had made her a believer.

That day Jeremy, her youngster, was crankier than usual. The computer, which had been at the mercy of Jeremy on numerous occasions, was no longer reliable. It went off at will, and heaven forbid if the power went out, she would lose all her data since it had turned into a desktop after years of serving her faithfully. She was standing in the middle of the kitchen area, wondering how her life had come to this, when she noticed Jeremy’s runny nose. After a while, he was also sneezing. All the mayhem had overwhelmed her, so she hadn’t seen the goosebumps on her bare hands. That’s when she realized it was incredibly cold. She checked the smart temperature control unit, which confirmed the obvious. She restarted the heat pump, but nothing happened in the least. Panic set in because she could not imagine purchasing a new heating device. She abruptly added several layers of clothing to Jeremy and called the heating device corporation because she needed help with indoor comfort. The number said it was out of service, and Maggie could not easily believe her awful luck. She double-checked the heating dealer’s number and realized her error. Then she redialed it, and it went through. The heating device worker assured her she would be at her lake household within the hour. Fifty minutes later, the HVAC professional tested Maggie’s heat pump replacement. Maggie knew more about gas heating devices in the heating industry than the average homeowner. Still, she was not in a suitable mental space and needed the heating device professional to do what he did best. After some gas furnace maintenance, the heating device was as nice as new.

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