A thanksgiving treat

I was really happily surprised when I went to my cousin’s house last thanksgiving for dinner. Not only did he have a really good meal prepared by a professional chef. But he also had got these new radiant heated floors to heat his home! I had been hearing about these great new forms of heating called radiant heated floors for a few years now. But I had also heard that they were very expensive to get installed into a home. So this is why I never bothered to look into it personally myself. My cousin if you couldn’t tell has money to burn. He is a pretty well to do person financially. I only wish I could make as much money as he does! But let me tell you the radiant heated floors are really all that people talk them up to be. The second I walked into his house I knew I was going to be in for a major thanksgiving treat. The heating coming out of them felt so much more natural than the really dry and stuffy heat that comes out of a regular central heating and air conditioning system that most people have in their homes. Sometimes my own heating system gets so dry and stuffy I actually have to turn it off or turn the thermostat down for a while! But nope, not with these radiant heated floors. Radiant heated floors are generating heat from hot water pipes running under the tile flooring! It is a really awesome concept all together. I was very happy for my cousin.


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