Air filters help my painting

I live right on the edge of the desert.

On one side of my house is the beginning of a large stand of trees that covers several acres.

On the other side of the house is flat, sun-bleached sand for as far as the eye can see. It is truly a beautiful countryside, and it is the whole reason I live here. No neighbors, no noise, just me and the wonder of nature, and of course my art supplies. I am a painter, and I live in the middle of my muse. My cabin has all modern amenities, including a top of the line HVAC system that is important for several different reasons. With the desert you get lots of wind and sand, which is not good for my paints so a strict air quality preservation program is in place. That is what I call my HVAC system, because it doesn’t have very much to do with regulating the temps. The temps here are amazing almost the whole year around, so heating and cooling are not my primary concern. I am far more concerned with the air quality staying clean and pure, so I use more air filters than a normal system does. The one thing I lack here is natural ventilation, because to do so would make the air I breathe so dirty and dusty I might get sick. But mostly my air purification and filtration system is just for the betterment of my art, because when even a little sand gets into the paint, it is completely ruined.



ductless heat pump