All that it took was an apology

The other day while I was at work I noticed that the office was starting to warm up rather quickly. At first I thought it was because I was being a little dramatic until one of my coworkers mentioned something to me about how miserable it was inside. Only a few minutes later our boss told us that the air conditioning system was malfunctioning and there was an HVAC repair tech on the way to fix it within the hour. I thought that the problem was going to be fixed as soon as they arrived, but what actually happened was just the start of the problems. The HVAC repair tech that showed up to the office was extremely loud and seemed to be unprofessional as well. It all started when he walked into the office without shaking hands or introducing himself to anybody. From that point on I could tell that this wasn’t going to go over very well. There were several times when our boss went over to him while he was working on the air conditioning unit asking him if he could keep the noise down to a minimum, but this request would seemingly be ignored no matter what. I thought that the entire day was going to be humid and miserable the entire day until my boss finally went over to the repairman and told him that he needs to do his job the way he is supposed to unless he wants him to make a call back to his boss and tell him how our experience has been. To keep a long story short, the rude repairman changed his ways extremely quickly and made sure to apologize before he left. I guess all it took to get him doing his job was a stern talking to!



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