An Heating and Air Conditioning worker broke my door

I have had quite a bit of trouble with my gas furnace lately, and I am quite sick of dealing with it to be honest.

  • My hubby does not think much about Heating and Air Conditioning work, so he is not able to diagnose problems, and he will not even attempt to repair them even with instruction.

I have had to call our local Heating and Air Conditioning company numerous times in the past more than two weeks to come over and repair my gas furnace. I keep thinking that I should just buy a new a single and get it over with, but every time I get my gas furnace fixed, they assure myself and others that my gas furnace is in fantastic condition. I just do not suppose that; How could it be in fantastic condition but be breaking down every couple weeks? I do not understand, but I also do not have a ton of money to just buy a brand new gas furnace however I would care about to. The last time that every one of us had some Heating and Air Conditioning workers come over and service our gas furnace, I was not home. I told them that our door had been a little tricky lately, and that it did not open easily, but well when I got lake cabin from labor that afternoon, my door was completely broken, and it would not shut. I called the company and told them what had happened, but they said that the door was already broken, so it was not their responsibility to repair it. I was so sad about it. I told them that I would never be using their services again. They tried to make up for it after that, but I refused to listen. I suppose I will be finding a new Heating and Air Conditioning company to use.
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