An HVAC cooling strategy that’s easy and logical

I’m all for getting the house ready for summer.

Around here, sealing up the house super tight for the summer will end up saving a good bit of money.

The fact is that HVAC cooling isn’t cheap and whatever I can do to mitigate those costs, I’m willing to do. But really, saving on HVAC cooling is something that starts before the intense heat and humidity descend on our region. For my family, we start our HVAC cooling strategy in the spring. When you walk out the door in our neighborhood the first time the temps get over 85, you hear a chorus of heat pumps. Ours is not singing. We make a conscious choice to leave the HVAC cooling off as much as possible in the spring. Sure, if there is a freak 90 something degree day, we might kick the air conditioning on when we get home from work to cool the house off. But other than that, it’s windows open and air conditioning off. This allows us to acclimate to the heat and lets us get accustomed to the warmer temperatures without HVAC cooling. So when the summer is here, like now, we have the air conditioning on but the thermostat is set much higher than many. We keep the thermostat in the low to mid 80’s during the peak heating hours of the day. Then we cool it off to around 76 or so for the evening and to sleep. This saves so much money on HVAC cooling costs. Plus, it makes the heat feel not so overwhelming so we can enjoy the outdoors during the morning and late into the evening as well.

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