An HVAC technician broke my door

I have had quite a bit of trouble with my furnace lately, and I am quite sick of dealing with it to be honest.

  • My husband does not know much about HVAC work, so he is not able to diagnose issues, and he will not even attempt to fix them even with instructions.

I have had to call our local HVAC company four times in the past three months to come over and fix my furnace. I keep thinking that I should just buy a new one and get it over with, but every time I get my furnace fixed, they assure me that my furnace is in great condition. I just do not believe that. How could it be in great condition but be breaking down every couple weeks? I do not understand, but I also do not have a ton of money to just buy a brand new furnace although I would love to. The last time that we had some HVAC technicians come over and repair our furnace, I was not home. I told them that our door had been a little tricky lately, and that it did not open easily. Well when I got home from work that afternoon, my door was completely broken, and it would not shut. I called the company and told them what had happened, but they said that the door was already broken, so it was not their responsibility to fix it. I was so upset about it. I told them that I would never be using their services again. They tried to make up for it after that, but I refused to listen. I guess I will be finding a new HVAC company to use.

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