Any excuse not to focus on school work including broken HVAC

If you are a teacher or know any teachers, you are probably aware that students will find any excuse not to focus on their school work.

This is no different now than when it was Generations ago. kids will be kids and they are often more interested in whatever is going on outside the window than on what is going on on the top of their desk. Well, I have discovered, as a teacher, that a broken HVAC system is the ultimate distraction when kids are supposed to be focusing on their school studies. I know this because one year when I was teaching, the heating and cooling system broke down and was not fixed until the second half of the year. We began the year in August as usual, and it was hot outside. The thermostat was reading in the ’90s, And when you came inside my classroom, the thermostat there was also registering in the ’90s. It was so darn hot, and it felt like every person inside the room had its own little heater for the room. In other words, the body heat was oppressive. Soon, though, Winter came along, and boy was it ever a frigid winter that year. We needed the air conditioning really badly when we started school, and when we got back from Thanksgiving break, we needed the heater more than ever. It got super cold that year, and it got that cold pretty early in the year. Despite all of this, the school board did not budget for a new HVAC system for our school, so we were not able to get a new heating and cooling system put in. our maintenance technician continued to try to fix it, and eventually they called in the HVAC company that was nearby. They did fix it temporarily, but it broke over and over again. I often was in my classroom with a portable heater plugged in by my desk and wearing a jacket. I had a hard time teaching, and the students certainly had a hard time learning, because the heating and cooling system let us down.



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