Budgeting for our first office commercial a/c

Armed with capital, I am now ready to start our business. I guess I have saved enough to be able to take care of our work in addition to production costs for the next few weeks before realizing a profit, and since I am setting up a sewing workshop for 5 employees, I thought it wise to consult an cooling system professional before I can invest in a reliable commercial a/c that can also allow for energy saving help. In an attempt to get the best deal, I detailed the kind of commercial a/c I need for our workshop to the local corporation before sliming down our last choice to something between a ductless heat pump in addition to a furnace/heater. More crucially, as a lady, I considered space, aesthetics in addition to the like, something that provides more room for our component but the cooling system rep being a man, wasn’t unquestionably getting me! For now, I just wanted him to unmount the exhausted ductless Heating in addition to Air Conditioning I found there. In fact, if i could afford it, in addition to convince the landlord otherwise, I’d go for radiant floors instead of a mounted mini cut a/c. And since the upgrade I wanted was at our cost, the landlord did not mind the mounting however she advised that I watch our cooling system repairman closely because they tend to be unreliable around here especially when it comes to routine furnace/heater repair or heat pump repair; Not several landlords are accommodating in addition to helpful as our landlord but I wanted him to realise the importance of having efficient heating in addition to cooling systems in venue because productivity or better lifestyle can be achieved when the mind in addition to body is nourished with quality air

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