Can’t get it all done from the a/c at home

When the pandemic hit, they shut down the offices we all worked in pretty quick.

I was not all that ecstatic to trade the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of those offices for the a/c in my home.

Not only that however I just wasn’t able to do the full measure of my job from the a/c at home. The contractor I work for offers services to other companies to help integrate plus simplify their technology. So I spent a even-handed amount of time on planes traveling to various parts of the country to implement plans or close deals. While we did the best we could when we initially were locked down in the a/c safety of our homes, I still needed to get to our clients. For me, I just didn’t feel great about flying. While I realize that planes are outfitted with HEPA filters, I still just wasn’t into flying. But I had to get out to those companies who were counting on us. That meant I had to hit the road. Honestly, traveling by automobile to take care of our clients wasn’t so bad. For one, the a/c in my automobile is much more comfortable than any plane I’ve been on for a number of years. I also found additional heating plus cooling comfort in a surprising spot. While I was on the road, I started staying at the hotels that are just off the interstate. There are a number of unique lodging brands that I just hadn’t tried out before because I was always staying downtown in whatever town I was visiting. What I found was that these hotels offered far more consistent Heating & Air Conditioning comfort than anywhere else I have ever stayed.


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