Celebrating birthday at favorite restaurant is not enjoyable because of A/C malfunction

When it comes to food, we all have different tastes. My husband Rodney and I have our preferred restaurant to go to when we’re celebrating. We like knowing we’re both going to get a delicious meal. It was shortly after my birthday, and we had a plan to celebrate with the whole family. We made a reservation because the place is usually very busy on the weekends. We were surprised when we arrived and the parking lot wasn’t full. We got seated at our table and ordered drinks. That’s when I noticed I was feeling a bit overheated. I questioned our waiter and he explained that they were having some difficulties with the air conditioner. He said that the HVAC contractor was already onsite and working to resolve the issue as fast as possible. Our meal was not as enjoyable without a working air conditioner. We were all sweaty and uncomfortable. We ended up drinking a lot more than we should. As it turned out, however, the air conditioner was running again by the time we ordered dessert. We overhead the owner speaking with our waiter. Apparently, the cause of the malfunction was a simple maintenance concern. The HVAC contractor only needed to provide a thorough cleaning and tuning to restore proper operation. We were given a free round of drinks and a ten percent discount off our meal. Although the food was as good as expected, our night was not all that enjoyable because of the lack of air conditioning.

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