Cell phones are a distraction

I didn’t mind it very much when they said it was okay to have our cell phones in class.

I wasn’t super upset when they said we could have our cell phones turned on.

I’m a single mom and it is nice to know that if there is an emergency, my kids or my parents can get in touch with me. I don’t think that using cell phones to text or to surf the web, is what the professor had in mind when she said we could have our cell phones turned on. I’m not even sure the students thought they were abusing the cell phone rules when they were texting during class. The professor never said anything, as long as you were quiet during her lecture. My friend and I had been discussing her problem with not having any air conditioning in her apartment. She told me she had been looking for a good portable air conditioner that she could use until the landlord got a HVAC technician out to look at the AC unit. I saw that she was doing a lot of research during the lecture, I just never thought that she would drag me into it. Before I knew what was happening, she was passing her phone over to show me some of the portable AC units she had found. She would text to see what I thought about the different AC units. She showed me one AC unit that I thought would be really useful for her apartment. I forgot about texting and I told her I liked that one. That was when I got in trouble for talking during a lecture.


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