Concert period rental to help our fundraiser

For a fundraiser I came up with the idea of putting on a concert in town, the local bands have to pay a fee to perform, tickets cost cash and there will be a beer tent that goes up to fundraise.

I want to get up-to-date songs unit in our university.

The fundraiser I think is going to be a really profitable event. I want to make our live concert seem unquestionably professional. I have been talking to live songs rental and period rental companies. I want a live concert period for rent and a full audio set. I want speakers, amps, mics and a concert period in the middle of town, and having a portable period will make our set up process so much easier. Thankfully, the rental business agreed to come to our neighborhood to set everything up. I am thankful since I have no idea how a period should go up or how the speakers should be venued. I was chatty on the iphone with the rental business worker. I talked all about how both of us are doing this for the teenagers and songs gear in the university! All of the cash is for them and it is a immense fundraiser. The rental business owner then threw in a free lighting kit for the day! So now I have a large concert stage, all the audio unit I could need and professional lighting for the immense day. The lights are not only a spot light, but colored, moving lights as well. It is going to know love a real concert. I know that will get people staying longer and drinking more as the evening goes on.



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