Coworker looking rough without air conditioning at her apartment

Sometimes it’s obvious that someone is having a difficult time. I always want to help out in anyway I can. Recently, my co-worker Sarah was looking & sounding a little rough. Every day for the past few weeks, Sarah has looked as if she hasn’t slept well. I thought she might be coming down with the flu or possible was suffering from allergies. She’s been quiet and distracted whenever I’ve tried to talk to her. Sarah hasn’t really been in a bad mood, but it’s been clear that something is wrong. The other day, I finally asked Sarah what was going on. She told me that the air conditioning in her apartment had malfunctioned. She’d been without air conditioning for several weeks. The outside temperature has been in the mid eighties with high humidity. We are at the end of July, so this is a really bad time to be without a working cooling system. Sarah said that she’d complained to her landlord repeatedly. Unfortunately, the local HVAC contractors are handling all sorts of air conditioner repairs and are all booked up for quite a while. The landlord is unwilling to pay the higher costs for overtime services. The air conditioner repairs is already going to be high-priced. So this was leaving Sarah without any air conditioning at all. Sarah said that at night her apartment it up in the eighties. She was sleeping terribly and exhausted everyday. I could not help but feel awful for my co-worker. I invited her to stay with me until her air conditioner was fixed. She was extremely grateful.

a/c serviceman