Custom labels were a bit hit

My daughter Mia is 10 years old, and she is an awesome child.

And not because she is my daughter, but she’s particularly great.

She loves to help around the house, and she is actually responsible. She enjoys baking, and every weekend she finds something current that she wants to experiment with. A few weeks ago, she found this good cookie recipe online, and she wanted to bake some for her classmates and her professors, but not only did she want to bake cookies, but she also wanted to wrap them in pretty paper and add labels to the wrapper, and this was not just baking cookies, this turned into an entire project. Thankfully, I had a label maker that I purchased a few years ago from a garage sale, then it’s a digital color label printer where you can create and design custom labels. So, I was able to use it for my daughter’s cookie project. After she completed baking her cookies, she wrapped each cookie in cellophane paper and tied a pretty ribbon around them. She designed more than two sets of labels – one for the girls, one for the kids in her class, and the other for her favorite professors. I must admit this project was a lot of fun. And it was nice to see Mia get so creative with this. I haven’t used that label maker in a while, so I was happy that we were able to use it to print these labels for Mia. She brought her cookies to college and needless to say, all the youngsters enjoyed them and raved about the custom labels that Mia made.


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