Dad bought me a new AC unit

My dad was always a strong will and cantankerous man.

My mother passed when I was very young, and from then on it was me and Dad against the world.

Over the years we have experienced our fair share of ups and downs, but through it all he has been supportive, kind, and my best friend. When the pandemic started, and his area went into lockdown, I drove halfway across the country to stay with him. If we would be locked down, we would do it together, even if that meant sharing a thermostat with him again. Dad and I are best friends through it all, but our biggest point of contention is the air conditioner. He has always had something against the feel and smell of recycled air, so he rarely, if ever ,ran our air conditioner. Perhaps because I was always denied use of the A/C, when I got my own placeI ran the cooling system 24/7. When I finally could control the thermostat, I made it as cold as possible whenever I was home. That would have to change when I was staying with the old man, because he still hated running the air conditioning as much as he ever did. Thankfully, he had mellowed out a little bit in his old age, and I found that he bought a small, portable air conditioning unit for my old bedroom. He knew how much I loved A/C and was trying to show me he appreciated me coming to stay with him. That’s why we are best friends!

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