Doctor’s office and the HVAC

I just don’t get it. I tend to be super sensitive when it comes to big variations in HVAC. My husband is a big man and seems to never get cold when I am just freezing. I kid him that it’s his layer of blubber that keeps him warm. Me, on the other hand, I feel like I’m freezing more often than not. Granted, we live in the north so much of the year, I have every reason to be cold. Even though we have a great HVAC system with a powerful furnace, I still have a hard time shaking the cold during the winter. But it’s not just the winter either. Even during the summer, I find myself reaching for a hoodie some evenings. We try to keep the HVAC cooling set to where it doesn’t run all day. However, my husband likes it cool to sleep and I often feel a chill while relaxing in front of the TV. Yet, it’s nothing compared to the doctor’s office. That place is always freezing cold whether it’s the dead of winter or a hundred degrees outside. Going to the doctor is not something I like to do anyway so, the freezing temps in the office makes it even tougher. The last time I was in there, I actually asked the nurse why in the world it was always so cold in there. The answer caught me by surprise. They keep it so cold on purpose. The reason being that the warmer the air, the more humidity. The humidity then allows bacteria and viral growth to take place much more readily than in an office where the HVAC is going most of the time. Who knew?


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