Ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning

My hubby plus I are the least handy people on the planet… He is an animator plus I am a professor; Both of us never have to do anything hands on in our jobs.

So when something in the house breaks, it is a large deal.

Both of us both have tried to do beach house repairs with little to no success. It aromas hiring out plus spending the currency always. If both of us don’t though, there is an even greater mess in the end. Recently our hubby plus I bought a ductless mini cut for the home office. Online said doing ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning upgrade was simple. You need to drill a few holes in the exterior wall, feed wiring plus refrigerant tubes to the outdoor air compressor. Hook them together, get a temperature control installed, plus you are all nice to. My hubby plus I drilled the holes plus then I had concerns. How exactly do you feed wires plus tubes through a wall? What did they mean connect the multiple units? Even the temperature control upgrade took us forever. Both of us realized well into the project that it was a smart a single that required us to download an app in order to work it. In the end both of us had to call an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to service all the mistakes both of us made. The guy did not supply us a discount for starting the task either. He really was quite disgusted with what both of us did, and apparently both of us did a lot of things that made the ductless upgrade much harder. Of course the multiple of us did that. Both of us can’t catch a break.


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