Ductwork failures compromises air quality in the house

I was the first person to notice the bad indoor air quality as my partner is relatively clueless most of the time.

He gets up every morning to have the same toast, two eggs and grapefruit juice that he has eaten for the last 34 years of our marriage.

I mentioned the indoor air concerns but my hubby thought it was just an unusually humid day. The dining room was 76 degrees even though the A/C temperature control was set to 78 degrees. I knew there was a problem and my partner was going to need to listen to me. After presenting my evidence, my partner agreed it was time to call the A/C maintenance service, then both of us were disappointed. Our A/C device was only a few years outdated plus it had never had any concerns in the past. We had a full maintenance tune up and evaluation performed on Friday. My partner and I found out that the ductwork was the problem and not the A/C unit. The ductwork above the dining room had a lot of holes so most of the air was escaping through those holes instead of entering the dining room. The A/C maintenance professional made some suggestions to help separate from a problem. I was relieved that the A/C device didn’t need to be updated, however the ductwork problems needed to be addressed immediately. The professional spent most of the afternoon at our house repairing all of the problematic areas inside of the ductwork. I hope that the changes will yield good results.

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